What is Greenpeace doing?

Greenpeace has been working for over 20 years now to save tuna and ensure the industry’s long-term viability.

We’ve ventured to the high seas to expose illegal and destructive fishing practices, we’ve spent time in coastal communities in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, witnessing the impact of overfishing on families and villages and we’ve produced up-to-date tuna guides, so consumers know what’s lurking in their cans and are able to support the brands doing the right thing. 
We’ve worked with consumers, pressuring big brands and retailers to change their ways.  As a result we’re starting to see better tuna on our plates and shelves. By the end of 2016, all major supermarkets and tuna brands in the UK should be supplied solely from pole and line and FAD-free purse seining, and the entire New Zealand and Australian canned tuna markets should also be supplied solely from pole and line, troll, handline and FAD-free purse seining by that time.

Greenpeace’s tuna campaign aims to fundamentally change the way tuna is fished so we can all feel good about the tuna we eat. It's not about saying “no, no, no”. We’re saying “yes, we can. Let’s have tuna and a thriving and just tuna industry well into the future”.

Head over to the Greenpeace International tuna pages to see what else we have been doing to Change Tuna.