Imagine you’ve got a vessel full of illegally caught fish; you might even be using slave labor to operate that vessel. You’re not going to want to pull into port, report your catch and allow your crew members to wander ashore are you? 

In order to hide illegal catches and prolong time at sea, commercial operators are transferring their catch from smaller boats to giant cargo ships and restocking and refuelling at sea, thus avoiding port calls and controls.

It’s called transhipping and, although legal if the cargos are legal, it masks all manner of illegal and highly unethical behaviour in the tuna industry.

It also makes it hard to know where your tuna was caught, or what and who was harmed in the process. When the sourcing is so murky, how are we to know whether our tuna is “good” or not?

To find out how you can avoid transhipped tuna and support the good guys, see here.