Is Thai Union Leading Yet?


...well at least not yet! Thai Union continues to talk a convincing game about changes it is making to ensure its seafood is better for our oceans and the workers throughout its supply chains. Unfortunately, for all that talk, we need to see more action. We have yet to see the real leadership needed to transform a seafood industry riddled with human rights abuses and widespread depletion and waste of marine life.


As the largest canned tuna company in the world, Thai Union has the ability to make changes that can have a lasting impact. It is unacceptable for tuna fisheries to kill millions of sharks and tens of thousands of sea turtles a year, or to catch more tuna than is sustainably possible. Thai Union can show the leadership needed to help ensure future generations have healthier, biodiverse oceans. It is deplorable that seafood workers can be mistreated, trafficked, and left at sea sometimes years at a time in tuna fisheries that operate off the radar of regulators. Thai Union can lead by demonstrating that companies that sell seafood won’t tolerate human trafficking or other human rights abuses in their supply chains.


Thai Union has yet to show this leadership, but we believe it can. We’re urging Thai Union to commit to the following actions to start to clean up its supply chains, and set a stronger standard for the seafood industry:

  • Stop sourcing from any vessels that transship at sea. The lack of monitoring and surveillance enables criminal behavior and puts threatened species like sharks at further risk.
  • Stop the uncontrolled use of fish aggregation devices (FADs). Establish clear targets to make fully traceable FAD-free tuna readily available in all global markets.
  • Support best practice fishing methods like pole and line and implement best practice bycatch mitigation reforms in long-line fisheries.
  • Only source seafood that meets strong labor and human rights standards on land and at sea.

If you do business with Thai Union, you can help be a part of the solution. Work with Thai Union and encourage the company to take action.

The oceans must sustain sea life, not just seafood profits.