Companies leading the way

Some tuna companies are making a genuine effort to Change Tuna

Little by little, things are beginning to shift in the tuna industry, thanks to consumer pressure, and several big players realising that unless they change, there’ll be no industry left.

Retailers and brands like Whole Foods, Target, Loblaw, Metro, Ocean’s, American Tuna, Raincoast, Wild Planet and Costco US offer more sustainable and ethical options. By the end of 2016 all of the UK’s major supermarkets and tuna brands should be supplied solely from pole and line and FAD-free purse seining. John West Australia will reach this goal in 2015.

Also by the end of 2016, the entire New Zealand and Australian canned tuna markets should be supplied solely from pole and line, troll, handline and FAD-free purse seining

Brands and retailers in many other countries are also making big improvements.

But it can still feel like a minefield out there on tuna shelves. So Greenpeace has produced a series of tuna ranking guides, to help you figure out which brands are best.