Greenpeace Tuna Guides

Not all canned tuna is created equal, and these days opening a can of tuna can be a bit like opening a can of worms. Some may contain unpleasant secrets - illegal catches, destructive fishing techniques and even slave labour.

To help you work out which tuna is best, we have produced tuna ranking guides for some key markets. The guides take well-known tuna brands and check them against criteria under four basic categories: sustainability, human welfare, labour issues and traceability / labelling (how easy it is to tell what’s actually in the tin).

Some brands fail the test completely. In the US for example, over 80 percent of canned tuna was found to have come from unsustainable, destructive sources. But other industry players are well ahead of the pack.
The next step is up to you. Armed with information and a clear choice, you have the power to change the tuna industry for the better, and feel good about the tuna you eat. It all starts in the canned food aisle of your local supermarket.
Check out the tuna ranking guide in your part of the world below.